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Our Objectives

We Nexgen Lanka would thrive to enhance pleasure of holistic general gifts of nature in the form of love, tender, care for each other, amusement, joy and happiness that have embedded across universe. We paint a beautiful picture of universe of supreme happiness of all. For the sake of formation of those, we render our commitment and energy in supporting lives together with any other  resources of nature that would feel or touch us on the way…

Our Journey

At present we have identified few areas to work on to uplift the status of these aspects and timely we might have to do necessary changes and improvements to stay closer to the vision.

Current day to day work patterns of modern generation is a continuous cause for increasing physical problems of people. Lack of time allocated for physical activities is heading to physically unfit societies. Therefore, we have selected sports as our first such area to gear up.

Mental fitness is directly attributed to individual happiness and thus we thought to concentrate on ways of achieving wealth and self-satisfaction.

Social status of a society depends on how much that society respects individuals, human values and humanity.

Our Social Responsibility


We seek for young talented sport personalities...

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Wealth and Self Satisfaction

We facilitate personnel with creative ideas...

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Social Respect

There are great heroes who have sacrificed...

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